Importance of Accurate and High Quality EPC Service in Industrial Roofs

Umut Gürbüz, Asunim founding partner, took part in the special session of GENSED, attended by more than 200 participants on the 2nd day of the 12th International Energy Congress and Fair.

In the session, Mr. Gürbüz emphasized the importance of SPP in industrial roofs and how to make quality and correct EPCs on roofs. “Rooftop solar systems require experience, are more difficult than ground mounted solar systems in many areas, especially in design and installation. As a company with extensive international experience in the field of rooftop solar systems, we offer tailor-made solutions for roofs of all types and challenges.”

Mr. Gürbüz also said, “With the recent increase in electricity prices, the costs of photovoltaic systems decreased. Thus, industrialists reached the point of producing for self consumption at very attractive prices. The industrialist can install a solar power plant on the roof of the plant and reduce its monthly consumption from monthly production, and if the monthly production is too high, it can generate additional income by selling this excess electricity to the grid.”

Mr. Gürbüz talked about the standards that must be followed in the whole process from design to installation, testing and maintenance of photovoltaic systems, he also mentioned occupational health and safety issues.

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