Elsewedy Electric T&D (EETD) were recently awarded for building 20MWp PV with 35MWh storage in Juba, South Sudan.

Asunim and I-kWh formed a consulting consortium supporting EETD to implement a large-scale PV system and provide renewable electricity to South Sudan. Both Asunim and I-kWh have extensive experience on their field, implementing well-performing PV systems and utility scale electricity storage systems.

The project will consist of a 20MWp solar photovoltaic park, a 35MWh battery storage system to serve the state of Jubek and the entire region. It will be one of the largest storage projects implemented in the African continent and a first for South Sudan, almost doubling total grid-connected electricity generating capacity of the young nation that is currently 100% dependent on Oil imports.

Asunim UAE, a subsidiary of well-known Asunim Group with 6 offices in different countries and a total track record of 1GW Solar provides project dimensioning, engineering, electrical project, product verification and on-site supervision services for this important milestone project in Sudan.

Asunim group director Andreas Schuenhoff stated: “We are honoured by being selected for this particularly important landmark project in Africa and delighted to work together with our consortium partner I-kWh and for our customer EETD. The Juba PV project is very important, not only because it is one of the largest PV systems in Equatorial Africa, but also because it integrates state of the art storage technology, energizing the whole region 24/7 and stabilizing the grid. This project demonstrates yet again that solar is reliable and affordable in all parts of the world. With this project, EETD are targeting to provide electricity to the South Sudanese people of which 90% currently do not have access to electricity and to reduce the CO2 emissions of a heavily oil dependent country.

I-kWh managing director, Aaron Astley expressed: “The project in South Sudan will be a first for energy storage applications in the region and will set a new benchmark in terms of PV+Storage projects. We are excited to be working with great organisations such as EETD and Asunim to support the infrastructure development of South Sudan.” I-kWh will be bringing their expertise of energy storage and management systems to provide clean, reliable power to the city of Juba.

Mohamed Shiha, the Technical Director of EETD added that the estimated 29 million kWh of clean energy produced by the project will fulfil the energy needs of more than 59,000 South Sudanese homes. The project will avoid emissions of an annual 10,900 tons of CO2. 

The plant will be constructed on land near Nesitu County, which is 20km from the capital, Juba.

About Asunim UAE:
Asunim Solar LLC in UAE is a project integrator (EPC) for solar photovoltaic systems and part of the international Asunim group. Asunim Solar LLC focuses on the GCC countries market and MENA region with a special focus on the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Oman which are the fastest developing countries for solar systems in the region, and important key markets in the solar business.
With more than 15 years of experience in the PV field, Asunim maintains an advanced engineering department and currently contributes to multiple international projects diverse in nature, size, and complexity.

About i-kWh
i-kWh is the leading intelligent energy solutions and consultancy provider to the renewable energy industry.
A respected consultant to global developers, institutional financiers and contractors across the Middle East, Africa, and South-East Asian. Their team brings over 30 years and 1GW of experience to the renewable energy and control system industry.
Specialize in the hybridization of tradition fossil-fuel derived power generation through use of green generation such as solar, wind and thermal.

About Elsewedy Electric T&D
Elsewedy Electric creates sustainable projects in energy and infrastructure that enable businesses, communities and regions to thrive. Listed on the Cairo stock exchange since 2006, the hallmarks of our approach are holistic, start-to-finish solutions and an unswerving commitment to excellence.

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